4D Private Clients is an Independent Financial Advisory licensed with the FSB as an authorised financial service provider in terms of Section 8 of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 (Act no 37 of 2002).

Our certified financial advisors will ensure the most effective portfolio management and management of insurance products for corporate clients as well as individual clients.

At your retirement or resignation, 4D Private Clients offers an unbelievable cost effective and smooth transition of all your employee benefits (pension & provident fund values) as well as your group life cover, to a dynamic individually engineered solution within the same product range.

This benefit is offered with the additional value of a free of charge transfer, free of all the usual aggressive cost implications and commissions payable of similar transfers in the market.

4D Private Clients also offers the following additional professional financial services to individual clients:
  • A comprehensive evaluation of our client's existing insurance and investment portfolio.
  • Comprehensive retirement planning (pre and post retirement).
  • Comprehensive Investment Planning.
  • Comprehensive estate planning & estate liquidity analyses.
  • Drafting of wills.
  • Creation of inter vivo trusts.
  • Active portfolio management.
  • Implementation and management of life and disability cover.
  • Implementation and management of Income Protection and severe illness benefits.
  • Implementation and management of Business Life Insurance.