Asset consulting There is a fundamental difference between fund management and asset consulting. The latter deals with asset and liability matching, i.e. matching a client or membership profile with an appropriate investment strategy. This requirement in PF130, is now in the process of becoming legally enforceable on trustees.
  • This is achieved by developing and maintaining an optimal investment strategy, tailored to each client's specific requirements. This strategy is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it continues to adapt to the client's changing circumstances as well as developments in the economic environment.
  • The asset consultant then assists in the asset allocation process, i.e. mandating different fund managers on a best of breed basis.
  • Up to now, only large Retirement funds and institutional funds were able to afford the services of Asset Consultants, due to the complexities of skills and systems involved. However, our long standing relationships with the top Institutional Investment platforms in South Africa, together with recent developments in IT technology have enabled us to:

  • i. Offer true asset consulting services to smaller standalone pension funds and participating employers on umbrella funds.
    ii. Offer Institutional fee structures to all our clients

Financial planning
services for individuals:
The 4D Group has partnerships with 70 independent financial advisers and we offer the following services to individual members:
  • Financial needs analyses
  • Estate planning services, including on-site will drafting
  • Retirement planning: Our financial planners will use market leading software to provide members with integrated Retirement planning. Up-to date Retirement fund values will be combined with their individual financial products.